Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles


Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles is a brutal shooting game for you to experience with the stick boy to destroy the enemy. Enjoy a moment of relaxation right now.

Embrace Stickman's power by diving into his doodle world. Show your martial arts prowess by defeating waves of enemies in the challenging levels of this amazing game. Old-fashioned respectful dialogue is simply out of the question because their opponent is irrational. Instead, use your fists and kicks to negotiate. Will you be able to withstand the onslaught of your enemies or will you give up?

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles has 40 challenging levels in which you have to defeat your opponents. In games like this, you have to fight and survive waves of enemies until you defeat them all.

How to play

As a player, your goal is simple. Each level must be finished by defeating all the enemies that appear. Do you believe your back is safe?

These opponents are ruthless and ready to corner you! They will attack you from both the front and the back, so be on the lookout! To defeat the enemy, use the left and right arrow keys. Since most of the fighting takes place at melee range, you should wait until the opponent is close before attacking.

Attempting to hit them when they are too far away will fail, allowing your evil opponent to attack you. Your health meter is located in the bottom center of the game screen. If you run out of health, you will lose the level and have to restart.

You will receive money when you complete a level, this amount can change depending on your performance. You can use these coins to unlock and buy weapons for your character!