Stickman Imposter


Stickman Imposter is an exciting adventure game based on the Among Us game. You must become an imposter to kill other players or a crewmate to find the killer.

This game is a combination of a stickman game and an Among Us game. You can experience two in one, so convenient. This game is predicted to bring you fun and pleasant moments.

Like the rules of Among Us, you can become an imposter or a crewmate. No one knows your character except you. Hide your role. If you are a crewmate, you will have to find imposters by cooperating and discussing other players. If you are an imposter, you need to eliminate other players using your weapons and hide your guilt. Participate in a voyage on the ship. Take a ride on the ship after sabotaging or protecting it. Have fun!

Features of Stickman Imposter

  • Exciting adventure game
  • Become an imposter or a crewmate
  • Multiplayer

How to play

  • Arrow Keys to Move.