Stickman Punch


Stickman Punch is an agile fighting game to win against enemies. Stay alert and take your stand to fight diabolical enemies. Are you confident to survive?

Prepare to battle your way through waves of persistent opponents in Stickman Punch. Your opponents are determined to defeat you from both sides. Keep your guard up establish a stance and prepare to strike some people in the face. Can you withstand the blows of your opponents and emerge as the last warrior standing?

A chilly breeze is blowing and you can see your opponents coming without hesitation. Are you prepared to show them who they're up against?


  • 2D graphics with color
  • 5 distinct weapons
  • One button controls everything.
  • Playing is addictive.

How to play

The goal of the game is to live as long as possible against opposing assaults. You'll be positioned in the arena's middle, and you'll need to pay attention in both directions. You may play the game using your mouse.

To attack the adversary on that side of the screen, click on it. If you don't wait till they approach you, you won't be able to strike them. You'll earn green flames and awards as you destroy other stick figures. Do you want to stop fighting with your fists and kicks?

This green flame may be used as a coin to unlock and employ five different weapons in battle. At the top of the screen, you can see how many flames and trophies you've won. You'll see how many foes you've slain just between them.

Do you dislike the blood effects? You may disable it. If you are struck by one of your opponents, the game is over. The tense encounter keeps your adrenaline going, and you shouldn't slow down anytime soon. How many foes can you defeat before you're knocked out?