Stickman Rush


Stickman Rush is a game to overcome difficult challenges that need your quick calculation. Explore your abilities to see how many challenges you can overcome.

Join the enthusiastic and daring figure on his trip through various hard levels in Stickman Rush. Stickman may seem frail, yet he is a tough explorer who never shies away from a challenge. Can you assist him in completing all of the game's levels?

Slide, leap, and run! This game will need a lot of your attention! Get your muscles stretched and ready for some activity! The goal of this game is to finish each level and get all of the stars. You may use your arrow keys to play. Select a level to begin by pressing the play button on the main menu. To get your character to run, use the up arrow key. You must jump on each platform and light it up to finish a level. By using the up arrow key, you may leap. Take care! You'll face a variety of obstacles along the road, from gaps to dangerous saw blades that may kill you. On each level, try to acquire all three stars. You'll be able to play in endless mode after you've completed all of the levels!

Features in Stickman Rush:

  • There are 15 levels to finish.
  • An unlimited mode to put your talents to the test
  • Animated 3D graphics
  • Convenient controls
  • Playing is both entertaining and demanding.

How to play:

  • Use the keyboard to play games