Stickman Shooter


Stickman Shooter is an interesting game where you own a fortress. You need to control your weapons to kill all the enemies who want to dominate your area.

Have you ever wanted to own a powerful fortress? Stickman Shooter will make your dream come true. You will be the brave soldier who protects your area. The enemies and strange creatures invade your area and you will prevent them from invading. You build a fortress and are willing to kill all the enemies who come close to your gate defense. Click on the enemies to lock the aim and fire until the enemy dies. You should shoot the enemies who have guns first. The reason is they can shoot you from a long distance. The game will end if your gate defense is broken. If you can get over the enemies' attack, you can pass the levels and receive some coins. The coins are used to upgrade the weapons to fight enemies.

Let's come to the game and blow all the enemies and upgrade your weapons to be stronger.


  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Kill the enemies that come close to you
  • Upgrade your weapons with coins

How to control

  • Click the mouse on the enemies.