Stickman Shooter 2


Stickman Shooter 2 is 2nd version of the Stickman Shooter series. In this game, you are a soldier who has to protect your region from the enemies attack.

After the success of the previous versions, Stickman Shooter 2 is produced. You are still a soldier who protects your hometown from bad guys. You build a solid fortress with many strong weapons like guns, rockets, etc. In the 2n version, the background will change to bring a thrilling feeling. The enemies in this version are also more powerful, so you need to launch the rockets, and trap the iron spikes appropriately. Try your best to kill the gunners first to eliminate the damage. If your gate defense is broken, the game will end. When you can defeat all the enemies attack waves, you can pass the levels. Moreover, you also get some coins and use them to level up your weapons.

Let's come to the game to have a wonderful experience. Hope you can pass all the levels. Good luck!


  • The music and sound effects are cool
  • Finding coins by killing enemies
  • Protect your gate defense

How to control

  • Click the mouse on the enemies to kill them