Stickman Street Fighting 3D


Stickman Street Fighting 3D is a single-player street fighting game with stickmen. There's nothing left but to enjoy this great game space and fight

Gather your strength and fight the thugs in Stickman Street Fighting 3D! They believe these streets are theirs, but they are mistaken! You have to do something as the people's voice and the city's authority to stop them from being such jerks. But how do you do it? Start playing right now to learn how to cope with the nasty guys!

Do you ever fantasize about being a vigilante? This is the ideal opportunity for you! Mafias and gangsters abound in this metropolis. Someone should go after them; they're battling like the devil. You have to go nasty occasionally to battle with such folks. So, using the "Z" and "X" keys, punch and kick whatever you see on the screen. Inside the boxes and structures is many weaponry. You may acquire weapons in the same alignments by pressing the same keys. You may navigate around using the keyboard arrows and leap by hitting the SPACE BAR. There are a certain number of opponents to defeat in each stage. Once you've completed the number, click the SPACE BAR to advance to the next level. Your life bar is located at the left top of the game screen. The enemy's life bar is shown at the right top. 


3D colourful graphics

Several fights to win

Various weapons to use

Entertaining and engaging gameplay

How to play

Fight your way through the streets, defeating the opposing stick warriors! Collect melee weapons, a machine gun, a handgun, and a saw.

Nobody knows why the street fights started, but YOU will become the greatest stickman fighter!