Stickman Swing


Stickman Swing is a fun game where you can swing and achieve amazing jumps. Like a stickman boss, perform crazy acrobatic moves. Avoid obstacles at all costs.

Stickman Swing invites you to go to the sky and fly across the boundless blue. Who knew tinkering with a hook and a length of rope could be so entertaining? Enjoy all of the benefits of being a superhero without the drawbacks of having to deal with criminals. Stickman Hook has all you need for a good time bouncy cushion platforms and a beautiful sky are waiting for you. Although you may not be able to fly, you can certainly swing!

The sky is waiting for you! Prepare to feel the relaxing touch of the wind on your face as you grab your rope. In Stickman Hook, you may do aerial acrobatics to give the birds a run for their money with 25 classic levels and many extra unlocked challenges. As the player, your goal is to swing from the platforms to the finish line.

Release Date

July 26, 2019


  • 3D vibrant graphics
  • 60 difficult experiences are about to start
  • 6 funny skin options
  • Logical controls

How to play

To begin swinging, hold down the left mouse button until your rope connects to the closest accessible hook. You'll start swinging right away. Press the left mouse button one more to let go of your rope.

Try to swing in the same direction as the other hooks to go through the air and to the finish line. There may be significant space between hooks at times. You might attempt bouncing from platform to platform to close the gap between these hooks.

Calculate the proper direction and speed before bouncing up to the next hook. Not every level is simple to complete. You'll have to pay attention to the level design in some of them and figure out how to swing ahead while avoiding obstacles and sharp falls.

As you go through the game, you'll be able to earn various skins for your character. There are three methods to get these new looks. You may win skins by finishing stages, watching an in-game film, or accomplishing a variety of unique tasks.

The game mechanics are unaffected by the choices you select, so go ahead and choose the ones you like most.