Stickman vs Zombies


Stickman vs Zombies is an interesting game where you have to fight the zombies. You are a cool gunner and you need to kill all the dangerous zombies.

If you are too familiar with the stickman games, Stickman vs Zombies will bring to you a surprising feeling. In this game, you have to shoot zombies with powerful guns. There is one gun with unlimited ammo, but a more powerful gun has a certain amount of ammo. Therefore, you should collect the coins on your way to buy more ammo and bombs. Moreover, you also avoid the energy balls of enemies because they can kill you. Take care of the number of hearts on the top of the right corner of the screen. When the amount of heart runs out, the game will end. The game is endless, you can play until you have no heart.

Don't wait anymore, come to the game and destroy all the zombies. Good luck!


  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • The music and sound effects are cool
  • Collecting the coins on your way

How to control

  • Press A/D or left/right arrow keys to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • Space or Q to fire