Stickman War


Stickman War is a game that exploits the interesting aspect when a wronged stickman is in danger in prison and needs your help. Join the challenge now.

The city is overrun by insane stickmen, and there's only one guy who can stop them! Grab your weapon and demonstrate that in Stickman War no lollygagging is permitted. With your accurate shot and fast reflexes attempt to put a stop to this mayhem over 27 hard levels. Will you be able to clear each level of the invading stickmen, or will you succumb to their mad rush, leaving the city in desperate need of a new savior? Bring your ammunition and choose a good spot with a clear view of your targets.

Stickman War is an addicting action game set in a city overtaken by hordes of crazed stickmen. Keep yourself and your weapon ready because you are the only one who can stop it. Stickmen will run about the level when you first start the game. Such nonsense, and in our town!

How to play

Your goal is to shoot each of them before they can escape with their quick movements. The game screen will show you all you need to know in order to perform your objective successfully. Your ammunition count is shown in the top left corner of the screen.

Keep an eye on this because a red flashing reloads symbol will emerge when you are short on ammunition. You may opt to forego manually reloading your ammunition.

When you run out of ammunition, this will trigger an automated reload, but it will take a few seconds to finish and you won't be able to shoot during that time. Time is crucial, and even a few seconds lost might enable some stickmen to escape.

Your stars are shown at the top of the screen. Allowing a stickman to escape will subtract a star from your total, and you will lose the game if you run out of stars.