Stickman Warriors


Stickman Warriors is an active game where you are a brave warrior. You own a wonderful power and you need to battle with other stickmen to prove your position.

Do you want to be a warrior? Stickman Warrior can turn you into a powerful warrior. You can become the strongest warrior if you can defeat all the other stickmen. In this game, you can choose the background of the battle when you select the story. When you select a different story, the character also changes. In each story, there are some levels. However, you need coins to unlock the stories. You can get some coins when you gain victory. Moreover, if you don't like to select story mode, you can choose the endless mode. In this mode, you have to fight the opponents until your character is destroyed. In your battle, try your best to attack the opponent's head because it causes much damage.

Why don't you click on the game and experience the wonderful feeling? Good luck!


  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with two modes
  • Fight the opponents

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move and jump if you play on the computer