Sticky Road


Sticky Road is the scariest silly physics game for you to experience. You will guide an old man in a wheelchair through the pitfalls ahead. Please help him.

The fun horror game Sticky Road was influenced by the well-known Happy Wheels. This includes new features. Your goal is to assist your character in surviving as long as possible and making it to the level's finish while being controlled by an elderly guy in a wheelchair past dangerous traps. You must effectively maneuver the wheelchair using the physics you've learned in order to win the game. If you experience too many collisions, which wear out your character and cause them to lose too much blood, you will lose and confront drag, thrust, or other terrifying things.

Play to unlock the development of more intriguing characters. The intriguing aspect of this game is how the brand-new visuals provide a whole fresh experience. The stimulation is what makes this game appealing, especially when combined with terrifying sounds that let your imagination go wild. Can you assist the young or old guy in moving without getting hurt? Play Sticky Road here for free to practice your superpowers. A fantastic time.

How to play

  • To maneuver the wheelchair as you choose, use the arrow keys or W/A/S/D. For a game exit, use ESC.