Striker Dummies


Striker Dummies is an action game full of fresh ideas. In this game, you will transform into a wooden man using his giant hammer to defeat opponents.

In Striker Dummies, you will engage in thrilling combat in which you control a wooden dummy. The goal is simply to smash another wooden dummy with your giant hammer to destroy it! The first person to reach 5 points will win this exciting match.

You must wield your hammer expertly to break your wooden opponent to bits. Try to evade their devastating attacks by timing your smashes wisely. You have the option of playing against a buddy in a dual-control arrangement or just against an AI opponent. Can you win the striker dummy championship?

Release Date

  • December 2018.


  • Vardan Aleksanyan made this game.


  • Fighting game with wooden dummies.
  • There are single and two-player modes.
  • Simple controls.
  • The sound of wood clanking.

How to play

  • Player 1 uses the WASD keys
  • Player 2 uses arrow keys