Super Fowlst


Super Fowlst is a game created by Thomas K. Young for action game lovers. You are the last survivor of this world, stand up to fight these scary monsters.

The only chicken who can stop the demon invasion of the globe is you. You ask how? Of course, by slamming headfirst into them. Repeat: Avoid gunfire, defeat enemies, and seize the treasure. Huge bosses, expansive procedurally generated stages, and a variety of tools and gizmos to use are all included. 30 unlocked characters were mentioned, right? Don't forget to exchange your riches for fun abilities like rockets and egg bombs so you can truly put those monsters on notice!


  • Cut devils in two!
  • Buzz saws Turbines! Tubes! Stalactites! Flippers for pinballs! other things
  • Massive bosses!
  • Two ghosts are holding two dog heads together!
  • Exchange your riches for potent improvements.
  • large explosions
  • 30-character unlocked roster!
  • The truth!
  • Fire rockets from your behind!
  • "Super Fowlst!"
  • It's excellent!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play.