Super Oliver World


With the video game Super Oliver World, you will help young Oliver escape the traps and dangers around him. Remove barriers to power to discover the unexpected.

In the arcade platform game Super Oliver World, which the well-known Super Mario Bros. derived, you must help the brave Oliver escape the dangers of a strange and mysterious world filled with traps and various enemies.

Join our brave friends as they meet something unusual by getting ready to jump, break blocks, collect money, and refresh your health bar with the hearts and stars you find along the way. You must defeat your enemies if you want to live. After that, you must enter as your character via the pipes, follow the directions on the white glove, and finally find the beam of light at the end of the path.

How to play

  • A or left arrow key: move left
  • D or right arrow key: move right
  • W or Z or up arrow key: jump
  • X or J: shoot