Tail Swing


Tail Swing is a game that will surely make you attracted by the unique gameplay with the character's flexible tail. Many challenges are waiting for you.

Tail Swing was created by a Small Game. This independent studio has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2010, Richard and Christian founded A Small Game, which has subsequently published games for a number of platforms. They have a ton of other fantastic games, while Hanger & Hanger World is their most well-known.

You must use your tail to swing through the many stages of the fun game Tail Swing. There are a ton of amazing levels with a variety of obstacles to overcome. Try to avoid stumbling over spikes or gaps, as well as any of the other impediments you'll encounter. As you swing and bounce your way through the level, be cautious to collect money. In addition to using coins to pass various stages, you can also use them to unlock some of the distinctive animal characters. Can you open every character and accomplish every stage?

How to play

  • Swing - click/spacebar