Tap Tap Shots


Tap Tap Shots is a very attractive ball game. This game not only brings entertainment but also helps you enhance your reflexes and orientation.

This basketball simulation game is great. As you attempt to score as many goals as you can, the basketball will be in your control. You must adjust the distance to make sure the ball goes inside the hoop without getting out. With each mouse click, the ball bounces higher. The ball cannot be put into the basket if it is either too high or too low for the basket. The two baskets on either side must be slammed into consecutively. After the ball is launched into a basket, there is a time limit. You have a little window of time to adjust the ball into the basket. If you can't get the ball into the goal, you lose. With each throw, the basket's height changes. They may be rising, sinking, or doing both as they go from the highest to the lowest place. To score, don't miss a shot.

There are certain tips that might assist you in scoring the maximum points possible to win this game. The most important thing is that you pay attention to the time. The moment you strike the first ball, time will begin to pass. You can see that the yellow timer, which shows how much of a window you have to put the ball in the basket, is running out. If you are unable to align the right distance due to the limited amount of time, you should tap repeatedly to quickly pass the new turn. You should secondly align the optimum location before clicking. In order to enhance your chance of making a dunk, tap twice. Pay close attention while taking notes so you may use what you learn in your subsequent dunk. You can still make the greatest dunk even if you make a lot of errors because you will have a lot of experience.

How to play

  • A simple controlled basketball simulation game.
  • Once you've made a dunk, the height of the baskets will constantly change.
  • Plays on a variety of platforms.
  • To play, click the mouse.