The Spear Stickman


The Spear Stickman is a fast-paced stickman game where you engage in war with bullets. Targeting requires your elite calculation. Let's go to war

You control a stickman with just a spear, and your goal is to kill the other stickmen that arrive at random on various platforms and try to kill you. To take down your rival, alter the angle of your shot with your mouse and aim swiftly! Depending on where you strike the stickmen on their body, more bullets are necessary - a head shot, for example, is immediate death, however a shot to the leg would take multiple arrows to kill your adversary, so aim wisely. As you kill more stickmen, you earn apple money, which you can use in the store to purchase upgrades like a metal helmet or a Marion-style mushroom helmet! How long can you last and how many stickmen can you kill? To get the most out of this game, play it with your friends!

How to play The Spear Stickman?

  • Drag the left mouse button to aim, and release it to shoot.

Who created The Spear Stickman?

  • The Spear Stickman was created by Maximiliano Demonte in July 2017.