Tiny Fishing


The most soothing fishing game available to you is called Tiny Fishing. Fish for the most valuable fish in the deep by lowering the pole to the ocean floor.

Do you fish or do you fish with others? In this game, you may go fishing using just your computer or smartphone. Drop your fishing line, keep it in place, and then click and drag your mouse from left to right. As you pull in your line and move your hook around the screen, you can catch fish. When your line touches the surface, you'll get compensated for every fish you capture! The fish get rarer as you go deeper, and you may be able to make more money as a result.

You may purchase new fishing equipment with the money you get from selling fish. To improve the quantity of fish your pole can handle and the length your line can go, lengthen your line. Each catch will get you a little sum of money, and fishing may even lead you to some undiscovered treasure.

The following advice will enable you to catch more fish.

In addition to the exciting game you are experiencing if you want to change the game space more dramatic, stickman fighter is the action game for you.

Regular upgrades

Spending money is the greatest way to earn money in Tiny Fishing. Your hard-earned money might be used to upgrade your fishing rod. If you improve your pole, you'll be able to catch more and better fish. However, exercise caution since it's all too simple to overspend and run out of money. You can make it happen offline with your money.

Playing Tiny Fishing:

  • Click and drag the hook left and right to reel in some fish.