Trap Craft


Trap Craft is an interesting adventure game where you can turn into many amazing characters. In this game, you have to fight dangerous zombies.

In Trap Craft, fend against the zombie apocalypse! There are zombies around, and you must complete a crucial assignment. You must take whatever steps are necessary to exterminate these zombies since a superior authority assigned you this responsibility. Let's see if you can defeat every one of them. Your life was permanently transformed once this task was given to you. You are now the only one responsible for guarding the gateways that control the whole planet. Make every effort to prevent zombies from entering these portals.


  • Easy game and has a simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Killing zombies to get coins

How to play

  • You must carefully put several barriers along their paths, such as spikes or lava pools, to prevent numerous waves of zombies from accessing these portals.
  • Your troops will shoot the zombies, and you yourself may shoot them all with your unique weaponry.
  • Let's see how many waves of zombies you can fend off as the war's commander as you launch the assault now!