Trollface Quest: Horror 3


Trollface Quest: Horror 3 is the latest version of this hit game. There are many interesting changes waiting for you to discover. Be prepared mentally.

Horror has returned! Prepare to plunge headfirst into the lunacy of Troll Face Quest! In the third entry of this popular puzzle series, Trollface Quest: Horror 3 point of horror, mind-bending, and click-puzzle is back. Get ready for the wackiest, scariest, scariest experiences of your life! There is only one correct response, and finding it will require risking everything.

You will continue heroes assisting the Trollface Quest heroes in escaping the Halloween creatures in Troll Face Quest Horror 3. Your' past encounters with various life-threatening scenarios will be shown on the screen. One of them, for instance, will have to deal with a wicked witch who attempts to murder him by hitting him with a rolling pin. You'll need to assist him in getting away. Look about you attentively while you do this. You'll need to collect materials that will enable your hero to escape from this predicament. You may sometimes need to solve a riddle or a bus to get them. You will get a specific amount of points for each assignment you complete.

Release Date

October 2020


Left mouse button to interact.