Vex 7


Vex 7 is the latest version of this hit game. Still retaining the features of the old versions in this version everything has been upgraded in a creative way.

The enjoyable game known as Vex 7 has nine brand-new challenging activities. Are you prepared to give it your all to get through these difficult sections? You cannot advance to the next level of the game without finishing the last action, as you are aware of from playing earlier iterations of the game. As a result, the sole rule of this game is for your stickman to leap and steer. To access 64 new vistas and the locked shop items in this edition, you must first gather the coins that you find along the journey. In order to help you make more money, game producers have also added daily activities to the game. You may get more cash in this entertaining game by fully completing these tasks. Finally, the game's creators have included high-quality resolution improvements to the Vex 7 edition. You will like playing the game a lot in this updated version, which starts at 60 FPS! In this entertaining game with several levels, new versions are continually being released. You may now begin playing this enjoyable game right now without spending any more time and completing all of the objectives and activities.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Release date

  • October 2022


  • You need to Use WASD or arrow keys to move.