Zombie Parade Defense 5


Zombie Parade Defense 5 is the best new release in this dramatic tower defense shooter series. You can invite your friends to accompany you in this game.

Your desert base is being assaulted by zombies, but you need also be wary of sand storms and other hazardous entities or natural catastrophes that may strike you.

Increase your base's defenses by purchasing fantastic upgrades for metrics like power, money, and energy, so that no matter how powerful the waves grow, you will survive, and you can guarantee they will become tougher to cope with, even having boss zombies to battle.

How to play

While the four avatars, one for each participant, fire automatically, you will still need to do additional tasks, for which you will utilize the following controls:

Player 1:

Move: W, A, S, D

Switch Gun: Q

Go in/out Base: E

Player 2:


Switch Gun: "."

Go in/out Base: L

Player 3:

Move: Y, G, H, J

Switch Gun: T

Go in/out Base: U

Player 4: (from the numeric keypad.)

Move 1,2,3,5

Switch Gun: 4

Go in/out Base: 6