Zombie VS Finger


Zombie VS Finger is an arcade game where a whole army of zombies is trying to attack you. This game helps you to show the agility of your eyes and hands.

You believe you could resist a zombie invasion and survive a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator. Zombies VS Finger was created with you in mind. The nation is being attacked by the dead, who are preparing to have the largest cannibal barbeque ever. We need someone to keep an eye out for us, and you did! Prepare your hands, test your reflexes, and pound these devilish monsters into a pulp.

New zombies with unpredictable behavior and increasing speed will be introduced with each stage. Thrive, destroy each of these monsters, and demonstrate that you are the true master of survival.

How to play

Each zombie that descends to the bottom of the screen will deplete one of your three health points. You only need to touch them in order to destroy them. Additionally, you are able to utilize explosives to increase your damage!